“Carolyn Fromm has that rare ability in the technology PR world to appreciate big-picture business dynamics and the underlying technology while flawlessly attending to the smallest of details. She played a pivotal role in Rockwell’s spin-off of its Conexant semiconductor business, as well as the subsequent spin-offs of Mindspeed, Skyworks, Jazz Semiconductor, and Pictos.  Her strategic and tactical support were indispensable across a wide range of programs, whether it was planning and developing our stories, managing challenging issues, executing a variety of key, high-profile product launches, speaker placements and speech content development for me and my senior team, or securing high-profile print and broadcast media placements in support of major corporate and financial announcements.”
Dwight Decker, retired Chairman and CEO of Conexant Systems; non-executive Chairman of the Board, Mindspeed Technologies; former chairman of the board of Skyworks Solutions, Inc.; director of Newport Media, Inc., BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited and Pacific Mutual Holding Company; and a director or member of numerous professional and civic organizations.

“Smart, effective public relations is critical for a start-up firm in an emerging market, and Carolyn Fromm has provided just that for Newport Media. She and her team helped to position us in our top targeted publications as key thought leaders in this rapidly evolving market, and one of the companies best aligned for success.”
Mohy Abdelgany, president and CEO, Newport Media Inc.

“Carolyn and her teams have played pivotal roles for me in several important marketing campaigns over the years. She has a great ability to size up the business challenge, offer key insights, develop the ideal PR campaign, anticipate and avoid roadblocks, and deliver game-changing results on multiple fronts.”
Tom Clarkson, director, New Venture Incubator, and adjunct professor, Wake Forest University MBA Program

“In the past 20-plus years, I have never found another PR professional who can understand technology while putting it into an understandable context for the customer better than Carolyn Fromm. Her strategic insights and flawless program execution have been indispensable in a number of PR situations, from boosting media awareness and excitement for both new and mature technologies at major events and tradeshows, to creating leadership visibility for a supplier of delivery solutions for cable, satellite and terrestrial television networks.”
Andrea LaVorgna, director of marketing, AIRSIS

“Carolyn provides best-in-class public relations service to my companies and to me. She is expert in her field and has surrounded herself with other creative and effective professionals. I have hired Carolyn and her team multiple times with different companies and never been disappointed. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”
Harold A. Blomquist, former CEO at Morpho Technologies and Simtek

“Effective PR campaigns can be a “hit or miss” experience! Not with Carolyn, however! She spends endless hours in developing an effective PR campaign, which is sure to render desirable results. Carolyn is particularly adept in using the interrogatory as she evolves the finished product. Her desire to succeed is strong and she will invest whatever time is necessary to satisfy the client. I was amazed at how quickly she learned our market as well as our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. It wasn’t too long before Carolyn became an asset to our company, a member of the team as well as a trusted friend. If you want results, in a timely manner then I suggest you contact Carolyn today!”
Howard Wing, marketing consultant and former senior marketing executive at companies including Plextor, Maxoptic, CALIPER and Conner Peripherals

“I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn for several years and found her to be professional, personable, and dedicated. Her counsel in challenging situations proved invaluable, she possesses excellent positioning skills, and she is an outstanding writer. I know she will continue delivering value to a wide range of clients, and I look forward to working with her again one day.”
Scott Allen, senior vice president of communications, Conexant

“Carolyn and I have worked together in a variety of situations. At Rockwell we acquired her agency with another acquisition. It was a perfect match. Carolyn understands technology as well as an engineer yet has a special talent to communicate to any level of audience. Every executive and manager wanted Carolyn on the team. She always sees the right angle to promote products and technology, not only to the media, but to industry leaders. We have worked together since the mid-90s and I have never been more comfortable with a colleague, vendor or PR partner as I am with Carolyn Fromm. Nobody does it better.”
Eileen Algaze, former PR manager at companies including Conexant (Rockwell), Broadcom and Qualcomm

“Carolyn became a key member of the Brooktree marketing team over the course of five years of service as our agency account lead.  She was an ‘outsider’ only in the sense that she didn’t carry a Brooktree business card; otherwise, she was an integral part of planning and execution for every major marketing and corporate initiative and helped to significantly boost our visibility during our highest-growth years, leading up to our $275 million acquisition by Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, now Conexant.  Whether it was positioning and communicating a critical product launch, company acquisition, or assisting with other key communications content and writing our annual report, Carolyn offered a powerful combination of sound strategic counsel and rock-solid tactical execution.”
Jim Bixby, former CEO/Chairman, Brooktree Corporation

“Carolyn ran our PR account when she was at Weber Shandwick. Carolyn’s market area is integrated circuits and she has an expert grasp of IC technology, customers and competitors in this space, as well as message positioning to get tech editors’ and readers’ attention. She provided quick and correct editing of our releases and white paper pieces, and kept us on task to maintain consistent and clear messaging.”
Grant Hulse, vice president of worldwide marketing, Simtek (now Cypress)

“I developed a great appreciation of Carolyn’s creativity, adaptability, and wide range of skills while working together over a period of several years on a high-growth, multi-hundred million dollar semiconductor business unit. The needs of our business varied dramatically over time, and Carolyn was always effective in planning, modifying and executing PR programs that kept pace with a rapidly evolving market. Article placements, category creation programs, analyst outreach, press releases, and product launches were always spot-on, generating consistent on-message coverage in the business and technical press. Carolyn’s steady contributions were a key factor in the success of this venture.”
Dean Grumlose, industry marketing executive, former division director of multiservice access products for Conexant’s Network Access Division.

“Working with Carolyn Fromm is like having an instant solution to almost any business challenge. She is quick to learn your business and to understand the business and communications challenges facing the organization. Carolyn is thorough and willing to do the work to fully understand the complexities of any business she is working with. Carolyn approaches all aspects of your organization with a dedication to maximizing solutions and results. It is an absolute joy to work with Carolyn. She is very adept at understanding the complexities of working with multi-faceted teams and can provide recommendations that meet multiple needs. Her business acumen is extraordinary. I am privileged to have worked with Carolyn.”
Carrie Strader, industry marketing communications executive, former strategic communications planning manager, Micron Technology, Inc.

“I first worked with Carolyn when I joined Conexant Systems where she was vice president of the agency of record. Everyone from the chairman on down through the marketing ranks told me how good she was and I found that to be the case. So much so that I hired her to represent the spin-off of Mindspeed as well which we took public. Carolyn offers a rare combination of strategic smarts and planning with the excellent writing and media relations skills to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. I would highly recommend her.”.
Tom Stites, former senior vice president, communications, at Mindspeed Technologies and Conexant.

“Carolyn is an expert in the area of public relations and communications for high tech companies like ours. I have always been impressed with her knowledge of the industry and her ability to evaluate our needs, provide several recommend options and execute the right one in a most timely and professional manner.”
James Kamke, vice president, marketing and sales, Newport Media Inc.

“Carolyn managed our external communications for Brooktree Corp. She brought a professional aspect to our business that helped expand our market coverage. Her friendly disposition and sense of humor made working with her and her team easy, and her insight into business and media made our communications program effective.”
Russ Christensen, former manager, multimedia systems, Brooktree Corp.

“While I was vice president of marketing at Picolight, I worked with Carolyn and her team for Picolight’s public relations needs from 2004 to 2007. This was a critical time for Picolight as the company went through a turnaround and growth phase, ultimately getting acquired by JDSU for $125M in 2007. Since Carolyn had been supporting Picolight’s public relations needs since 2001, she had historical perspective on Picolight, its products, and the market segment we served. As we started to reposition the company, she developed a clear understanding of our new positioning, market strategy, and branding objectives in no time. Carolyn and her team did a great job helping us raise visibility for Picolight’s new positioning and cement Picolight as a clear market leader in the short-reach optical transceiver market from its turnaround phase in 2004 to its growth phase in 2007. It was a pleasure to work with Carolyn and her team.”
Vidya Sharma, former vice president of marketing and business development, Picolight Inc.

“I’ve known and worked with Carolyn in various roles for over 12 years and always found her very easy, pleasant and professional to deal with on a variety of PR tasks and product launches in the semiconductor space.”
Andy Mills, senior industry marketing executive; former president and CEO, NetCell Corp.; former director, LAN Products, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems

“Carolyn was instrumental in the successful market launch of Picolight, enabling the company to sustain visibility over time with key industry analysts and media representatives through her connections and capability to tell the story. I would recommend her highly, and look forward to working with her again.”
Lynn Watson, former director, marketing communications, Picolight Inc.

“I used Carolyn for public relations services while I was vice president of marketing at Metalink.  She and her team generated outstanding results for us, during a critical period when we were launching an important new technology and product line for the digital home entertainment space.  She developed a program carefully scaled to our tight budget constraints, and she and her team achieved all of the targeted results, and more, while earning us a disproportionate share of media coverage as compared to much larger competitors.”
Barry Volinskey, former vice president of marketing, Metalink Broadband

We needed a smart, savvy PR team to assist in establishing Coradiant as leader in the Web application management field. Carolyn and her colleagues brought us a combination of pragmatic strategy, useful media introductions, a great-gut check on our messages, and a stream of coverage in our targeted publications including Computerworld, Network World, Information Week, STORES and Internet Retailer, among others. We also gained back-to-back “Best of Interop” awards. Carolyn managed a team that really helped take us to the next level of market awareness and prepared us for phenomenal growth.”
Tony Tissot, director of marketing, Coradiant Inc.