Successful public relations programs are like a multi-stage rocket launches, and Magnet PR Group develops and executes comprehensive campaigns for each phase in the process. Each campaign is outlined in detail, executed against a well-understood and pre-approved budget, and carefully monitored so that we meet agreed-upon objectives and can course-correct as necessary.

Product Liftoff – Establishing a Leadership Foundation

Product launches are defining moments for any company, and Magnet PR Group works hard to ensure that they not only generate immediate visibility but also lay the supporting foundation for broader, longer-term business initiatives. It starts with a solid analysis of competitive activities and industry predispositions, and includes the development of an appealing story with easy-to-understand customer benefits and market implications. We know what the trade journals need, and when and where they need it, in order for you to generate the optimum coverage. We also understand what the business press needs to frame your story in a meaningful context for a broader audience. And we know how to execute the campaign so that it paves the way for follow-on corporate initiatives and associated media opportunities.

Acceleration – Building Market Momentum

Visibility can be an empty achievement without the afterburner of continuing market momentum. We convert product-launch energy into sustainable, on-message market visibility and corporate credibility. There are many methods for achieving this, including a steady drumbeat of carefully-timed, thematically-consistent follow-on announcements, along with leadership coverage in industry editorial, plus customer success story placements, market/technology primers and tutorials, and industry awards recognition. Journalists receive an avalanche of pitches each day; we help you craft a newsworthy market position and story, and determine how and where to tell your story so that you simultaneously fulfill the media’s content needs while achieving your business objectives. Our goal is for your story to be just what journalists need to write the most complete and compelling articles possible.

Maintaining Orbit – Influencing Market Dialog, Generating Audience Preference and Tracking Progress

Once a Client rises above the industry noise, it takes a consistent program to stay there. This include executive visibility and market thought-leadership programs, including speaking appearances at relevant industry venues, and the articulation of compelling, visionary executive insights — whether through bylined contributed articles, strategic trade and business media interviews, or a blog, podcast or other social media content. Other ammunition includes special events, guerilla marketing campaigns, partnership programs and cooperative industry initiatives, to name a few. Each program is custom-designed for the situation. And because a solid orbit can only be sustained through accurate tracking, we carefully monitor media coverage dynamics, report on progress, and adjust the program as necessary.